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Creating attractive landscaping design requires much more than choosing the right plants. Define and enhance your lawn with hardscape services from Added Touch Landscaping, based in Durham, North Carolina. Select decorative freestanding versions or functional retaining types.

Stone Structures
A stone wall has a charming and useful presence that defines borders between a lawn and landscaped bed. It lends structure to your landscape, even after the brilliant colors of your garden have faded.

Stone is a logical and natural choice because of its durable, low maintenance, and ability to outlast wood materials. They are designed to suit any style of landscape for unique character.

Dry Stack Wall
Good stones for building dry walls have relatively flat faces, at least 2 angled edges and consist of limestone, sandstone, and granite. This type of wall relies on friction and gravity to hold together and ranges in height from 12 to 24 inches. A concrete foundation is not required, but it should rest on a firm footing and seem to grow out of the ground, rather than sit on top of it.

Mortared Stone Wall

Once a substantial foundation and gravel footing is in place to prevent settling and cracking, a mortared wall is easier to build than a dry stack wall. The gaps between the stones are filled with mortar, making stone placement less critical. A wider variety of stone is also available and more styles, from formal retaining walls to relaxed looking, free standing walls that appear to be dry laid.
Dry Stack Wall, Hardscape Services in Durham, NC

Veneer Stone Wall
For traditional stone veneer walls, a single layer of stones is supported by a sturdy poured concrete or reinforced block wall. They use considerable less stone than conventional mortared walls. If your site requires retaining walls and you like the look of stone, but not the price, you might consider one of the many different styles of interlocking concrete blocks.

Segmental Interlocking Wall Systems
These are made with pre-cast concrete blocks in a wide range of styles, including some that look just like cobble stones. They are self-aligning, built relatively fast, and last considerable longer than landscaping timbers. Interlocking concrete blocks are used for tall retaining walls and cost half as much as mortared stone walls. 

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